Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Forbidden: City of the Damned Book 4

FINALLY! Forbidden is now available. Check my list of retailers to see where you can purchase a copy. It may take a few weeks to show up on some of the retailer's website because Smashwords takes a while to distribute to some retailers, but keep checking back. In the meantime, it's already available on Amazon and on the Smashwords website. Happy reading!

In the forth and final instalment of the City of the Damned series, Sara and Gedeon travel back to South Beach where they spend Christmas with the family and exchange their wedding vows before returning to New York to have the baby. But little do they know what lies ahead. Sara's concern deepens when it becomes evident that Gedeon is hiding something from her. What neither of them realise is that Gedeon's secrets come at a high price. It will cost him something more valuable than anything money can buy. In this riveting conclusion, find out who will live and who will pay the ultimate price for his secrecy.

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  1. I really lives this series!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for it!!